Life Transitions Counselling

Chronic Illness

Many of us live with debilitating and perhaps chronic medical
conditions for which there may not be a cure, and potentially may
never revisit our previously “well’ state of being. The life of
someone with a chronic illness is impacted in ways that a healthy
person cannot begin to comprehend.

There are often tremendous
consequences on the social, recreational and occupational functioning
of someone living with illness. We may experience shock, denial and
disbelief that something is even wrong, and “crash” when we push
ourselves beyond a point that supports our wellbeing. It is estimated
that up to one-third of individuals with a serious medical condition
experience symptoms of depression.

Chronic condition has the potential to take on a life of its
own; we may over-identify with and “become” our illness, and feel
a sense of powerlessness over our life. With guidance, we can develop
strategies to take charge of aspects of our life that still remain
under our conscious control, and regain a sense of personal agency.