Life Transitions Counselling

Love that Hurts

When we are bruised by someone who we have laid ourselves bare
to, the pain runs deep. We feel betrayed, disrespected, without
personal worth or power, unlovable.

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone of all ages,
genders, sexualities, cultural backgrounds and economic levels, but
it may often be denied or excused, particularly when the abuse is
psychological rather than physical. Acknowledging that a relationship
is abusive is the first step to ending it, and protecting ourselves.

Sometimes we learn from our experiences. Sometimes we fall into
a pattern of attracting or being attracted to partners that are an
unhealthy fit for us.

Working together, you and I can examine this pain and these
patterns and uncover how we relate to ourselves and others, and how
to how to form new relationships that are healthy, satisfying and
mutually respectful.