Life Transitions Counselling

End of Life Doula

This is love:
to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.
First to let go of life. Finally to take a step without feet.

— Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, 13th Century

As an end of life doula, I am honoured to act as an advocate and support person for those at the end stage of their life journey. I guide them through their terminal illness, facilitating communication between my client, their support network, and the team providing their medical care. My desire is to provide for the person at the end of their life a most respectful, empowered transition, and to create an environment in which their wishes for care, passing and rest are honoured, and their physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs are met.

I sit with them and their family as an “informed companion”, listen, care, provide resources and information to help plan their transition and final rest. I help preserve self-worth and agency for the person in transition, and help relieve the fear and burden associated with dying and death.

I can also offer grief counselling for people close to the person dying, at any stage of the death journey.

If you require spiritual support, I can draw from many traditions, offer guided meditation to assist my clients and their loved ones find calm, ease the pain of terminal illness with Reiki, create personalised rites of passage, and sit with the family to reclaim the healing practice of a home vigil, or wake.