Life Transitions Counselling

Reiki for stress relief and end-of-life

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on healing
technique that utilises universal life-force
energy, or Chi. As part of a
holistic therapy reiki can help restore wellbeing,
relaxation and stress relief, and can be
applied to most situations involving grief,
bereavement and at the end of life. It is
superb at treating anxiety, depression,
mental instability, grief, and fear, whatever
our circumstances, and works in conjunction
with all other therapeutic techniques to
promote recovery.

Reiki connects us to generative life
force, that unconditional love that people
who have had near-death experiences have
reported. When you apply Reiki to people
who are terminally ill, you are connecting
them to this unconditional love and preparing
them for their transition, helping them to
deal with any unfinished business.