Life Transitions Counselling


I personally don’t subscribe to one specific faith, but practice
a mixture of of traditions. I have training and practice
in Eastern energetic healing, and experience in
mainstream Christian traditions as well.

I see spirituality as a deep connection to that part of
myself that knowns more about me that than is
expressed in my everyday consciousness, and my
connection to the earth and to others. It is my connection to my
true self, my higher self, that part of me that connects with the
generative life force that runs through all our veins.

Psychotherapy comes from the Greek, meaning “healing for the soul”,
healing at a deep level, healing the whole person. If we want to
make real and lasting changes, I believe it is essential to connect
with our true self, who we are at the centre of our being, beyond
any troubles we are facing. You do not need to actively practice a
religious tradition, or have any interest in spirituality to benefit
from an approach to counselling that respectfully and compassionately
encompasses the whole person, at a deep level.